An Interview with the Enemy

I’ve been planning on publishing an interview here with a squid for some time. We can only imagine what goes inside the mind of a Caldari pilot. Do they admit they are runners? Do they know how the Heyd alliance works?

I decided to send some questions to a pilot I respect. She is the squid that says ‘stay’ while most are saying ‘run, run, run’. We ended up developing a healthy rivalry. We know each other, to some extent, and we know about the other’s will to fight.

Because of squids like her, the Caldari are starting to change, from pure panic runners to efficient fleet soldiers. Here is the interview with Caldari pilot Arti Mus:

Do you remember how your life was before faction war? 

I remember well my life before FW. Early on I spent a lot of time running missions and mining like every good n00b. After being griefed by other corps and getting molested in low sec I decided I wanted to learn how to PvP. 

I joined a more combat oriented corp and moved out to 0.0 where I spent some time fighting in alliance wars. Altho it was defiantly a learning experience I was unable to maintain funds easily and the constant podding cut into my skill training time.

Since my standings were already ruined, thanks to all my missioning, and I was being shot at in half the galaxy by the police forces I decided to try the militia so I could shoot back. 

What is the best thing about the war and what is the worst?

The best thing about the war is there’s no shortage of targets…. which at times can be as much a hindrance as a bonus. However you get to fly with a number of great pilots who share your same interest in PvP all of varying degrees of experience.

The worst part….. Some would say that there’s no end game or ultimate goal to achieve, however, I would argue that if there was an end game or some distant ultimate goal there wouldn’t be FW anymore as one side or the other would have achieved it. I see it more as RvB except in low sec which in my opinion changes the learning experience as you encounter a larger number of variables. 

That being said…. I would have to say the drama that often arises as ego’s grow and clash or opinions shift would be the worst part. This being a social game, these things will undoubtedly occur. But the crucial thing to remember is this is a GAME so all we can do is try to keep it to a minimum and enjoy ourselves.

How would you describe the Caldari soldiers?

I asked a corp-mate this question, to which I received the response ‘Drama Queens’. While this is not totally unwarranted I think there have been some past incidents which may well have brought this about.

In general however, I believe the Caldari Capsuleers to be very eager and competent combat pilots, if a little inexperienced in some regards. They learn quickly and fight well. Morale was a little on the low side when I began fighting alongside them but as real victories on the battlefield, both big and small, began coming in, morale has steadily improved.

How would you describe your enemies?

Enemies and friends 🙂 The Gallente Federation is full of very experienced combat pilots. Its an uphill battle every step of the way. They are tenacious die-hards full of tricks and different tactics. You never know what they will bring to the table next. Some Corps are better than others but the Heyd Elites are truly a tough nut to crack.

In general they are very good sports, honorable, very cunning and always a challenge altho the smack talk can get a little tiresome at times.

People say the Caldari tend to avoid confrontations. Is that true? Why do you think Caldari have this reputation?

This is something I have been trying to remedy. Its my opinion that its better to die trying than to not try at all, within reason of course. I think we can all agree that utter annihilation is never fun, so in the face of insurmountable odds sometimes running is the best option, unless of course there is complete agreement within the fleet to make a suicide run.

There was defiantly a time when the Caldari Militia would routinely avoid direct combat, attempting to use wolf pack tactics with smaller ships to hit and run lone pilots or smaller gangs. While in some regards this can be an effective tactic, over the long run it can become habitual, detrimental to morale and reduce both the pilots and FC’s learning experiences. Wolfsbrigade was originally founded on the use of these tactics and from my understanding moved away from them as the corporation changed CEO’s.

I’ve heard that the Caldari are not a very united group. Why is that? How does the Caldari militia work?

Its true, the Caldari Militia was and to some extent still is pretty fractured. Many of the corporations like to work independently of each other which is great for bonding a corporations members together. This does however tend to lead to a very limited pool of ideas and experiences.

Why our militia behaves this way is a harder question to answer. I can only speculate as to the reasons as I have only been a member for a limited time. I suspect it has to do with a couple of things in particular.

First, and most importantly there was a serious lack of communication, intelligence and information being shared amongst the corporations and their pilots. Due to fears of security and borderline paranoia of spies (Not without reason – Fleet WarpSujarento), access to Intel Channels and fleets was permitted only to ‘Trusted’ pilots and I say ‘pilots’ not corporations. How and when someone can be considered ‘Trusted’ is another matter altogether.

Secondly, I believe it has a lot to do with the fallout of the CDI and the supposed ‘Leadership’ of the Caldari militia. As all successful alliances know, there can never be a single ‘Leader’. All too often ego’s take hold and uncompromising dictatorships arise. This is a recipe for failure, as I think we can all agree. As with all alliances and united groups of corporations there needs to be compromise, understanding and cooperation to achieve the common goal.

I personally, with a lot of help from members of THE4 and other key members of the militia have been working hard to encourage more team play and cooperation among the member corps. We’ve setup more consolidated forms of intelligence and communication which has improved our ability to respond to threats and deploy fleets. I think we can all pretty much agree that this has been very well received by most corps and has brought about a nice change in militia operations.


I’ve also heard that one of your most well known fleet commanders, First General, had a plan to make the Gallenteans grow tired of chasing him around, so they would leave militia. How do you see his leadership?

I wish I could say this was untrue, however, there was policy of ‘Blue-Ball to Boredom’ routinely being deployed by some members of our militia. This certainly isn’t an effective strategy and in my opinion very detrimental to our pilots morale.

As far as the leadership involved in these policies is concerned, it no longer matters as Wolfsbrigade and First General have joined forces with Shadows of the Federation and both left their respective militias. All we can do is move forward and try not to make the same mistakes that were made in the past.

SOTF (Shadows of the Federation) left militia some time ago, and now SLAPD (Percussive Diplomacy) is also leaving. How do you think the Caldari will respond to that?

It was a shame to see SOTF leave yet again without actually getting involved as fully as they used to. That SLAPD is leaving came as a bit of a shock as well.

As for the Caldari response? Only time will tell. It certainly will remove some more of the experienced pilots from the Heyd Elite which should, with luck, result in more victories in the void for the Caldari.

Is it true that you used to be a spy infiltrated in the Gallente militia, inside the Heyd Alliance group? What can you tell about those times?

Given that I don’t exactly hide the fact from the Caldari I may as well reveal it to the Gallente as well. Yes, go ahead, primary me 🙂 The word ‘spy’ however is by far too strong. Defector possibly, but actively and maliciously, providing information on the Gallente to the Caldari? Certainly not. In fact I strongly disagree with such tactics and actually attempted to put an end to some distasteful abuses I learned of. 

As a member of the Heyd Elite I learned quite a bit and gained a lot of experience. Most importantly I learned that honor and fair play are not dead in EVE and that having a drama free environment IS possible. I greatly enjoyed my time flying with all of you and I’m proud to call many of you my friends. I must say however, the only thing more satisfying than spacing a squid….. is greasing a frog 🙂

Any final words to the Caldari and to the Gallente?

Get out there and enjoy yourselves. Respect each other and just have fun. As I said earlier, this is just a game and while some of us do take it all pretty seriously it’s still just here for our enjoyment. 

The more you fly and die, the more you’ll live and learn.

Good Hunting 

Arti Mus o7


About Janeiros

Janeiros is a Luminaire General of the Gallente Militia looking for new recruits to the Genstar Inc. Corporation.
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